Hiking the Picture Rock Trail in Lyons, CO

Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch in Lyons, CO.
Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch in Lyons, CO.

Today’s outing included hiking at the Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch in Lyons, CO. At the outset, the trail looks sparse as it winds through a field at the base of the mountain. Don’t let those initial 10 minutes or so in the grass fool you – once you make it up to the mountain lion warning sign, the trail opens up into views much like the photo above.

Hiking Rabbit Mountain in Lyons, CO

The Eagle Wind Trail at Rabbit Mountain in Lyons, CO.
Looking down the beginning of the Eagle Wind Trail at Rabbit Mountain, Lyons, CO.

For day 86 of my yearly hike count, I went hiking at Rabbit Mountain in Lyons, CO. If you’re looking for a hiking location that’s pooch friendly, this is your best option in the immediate area. But, keep your eyes open – Rabbit Mountain is also known as “Rattlesnake Mountain” and for good reason. My hike was cut short today after word trickled down the trail that an aggressive rattler was poised to strike unwary hikers higher up the mountain.

Hiking the Wapiti Trail in Boulder, CO

View towards Boulder and the mountains from the Wapiti Trail at Heil Valley Ranch.
View towards Boulder and the mountains from the Wapiti Trail at Heil Valley Ranch.

Today’s excursion: hiking the Wapiti Trail at Heil Valley Ranch in Boulder, CO. I don’t get out to this part of Heil Valley Ranch as often as some of our other local hikes, but there are some nice views of the mountains early on into the trail, as seen in the photo above. If you’re short on time, the first look-out is easy to reach with a rewarding vantage point.

Looking Back: Visiting Taos, NM in July 2018

Two years ago in July I decided to take a short trip, visiting the Taos, NM area to coincide with one of my routine “social media detox” periods. My trip included some of my favorite offline things: historical sightseeing, hiking, and sampling the local beer and wine offerings.

(Over the past few years, my love for both hiking and travelling has increased almost exponentially, and I’ve been fortunate to have had so many opportunities to travel recently. With the current health crisis, our travel plans for 2020 were scuttled; as I write this, I should’ve been packing for a trip to Honolulu later this week. So I decided I’d take some time over the next few months to write a “Looking Back” series, where I dive into a recap of some of my favorite trips over the last few years.)

Hiking the Antelope Trail in Lyons, CO

View descending Antelope trail on the way back down to the trailhead.

I don’t always succeed, but I attempt to make it out to hike about five times a week when the weather and my career allows. Living in the foothills of Colorado really lends itself to outdoor activities. One of my favorite local trails is today’s highlight: the Antelope trail (and on to the Bitterbrush trail) at Hall Ranch in Lyons, Colorado.

Best Keto Craft Beers for 2020

Living in Colorado, it’s hard not to love craft beer. A few years ago I jumped on the keto bandwagon in order to lose some weight, and unfortunately at that time, it meant beer other than Mic Ultra was pretty much out of the question. Today, however, more and more craft breweries are wading into the low-carb beer territory, so I’ve spent the last few months searching out the best tasting keto-friendly craft beers. In no particular order, here are the top five brews you should be drinking in 2020.

Somebody to Love Brut IPA in the taproom.
Drinking a glass of Somebody To Love, a Brut IPA, in Verboten’s tap room in November 2019.

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